Day 2: Give that dog a 7 out of 10

More Himal ….

We awoke to sunshine and cockerels…those things follow us everywhere. I had porridge and apple for breakfast…feeling strong!!! A Tibetan lady approached us at breakfast and encouraged us to come and buy some of her jewellery. I browsed the items laid out on the blanket and picked a pendant with a buddhist chant inscribed on it. The lady tells me this means ‘Good Luck’…..I will need buckets of that to get me through the walk, so I buy it and stick it in my bag! Off to trek again….but only a gentle 4 hours today.

We walked through…a jungle? Well it seemed very jungle-like to me. There were massive trees and big rivers, and it was cool and fresh which was nice to walk in.

Along the walk we bumped into some cute baby goats! (Which Sierra, queen of the goats particularly enjoyed). There were also some ponies and a  huge herd of sheep, so an excellent animal appreciation day. We see dogs here all the time, we discussed how we think the quality of the dogs reflects on the village we find them in. Sometimes the dogs look a bit ruff *ahem*  😉 around the edges to say the least. But sometimes they are beautiful and I want to cuddle them (and sometimes I do) even though they might have rabies and fleas. We’ve started rating them out of 10, we consider how cute they are, the lack/presence of unusual growths, glossiness of their coat. We saw some7/10 dogs today, a good dog day for sure!

We have also started gambling our luxury snacks. Porters randomly strap together and carry our main bags each morning. The person whose bag gets put down first by the porter at the end of a walk wins….so far I think we are drawing. Although it is hard to always be sure as we usually arrive much later than the porters….we may need to adjust the rules of the game.

After todays trek we have arrived at Gorhe Pani, 2700m. We are staying in ‘Nice View Lodge’ and to be fair, that is a sound name. There is an awesome view of the mountains outside. We’ve been into the little village nearby to explore…we heard something about a German Bakery…..which I believe is the only reason any of us walked further than necessary haha! But our dreams came crashing down when we discovered it was closed as it is out of season, we managed to find a shop that sold chocolate that was in date, so we restocked.

We are spending the evening hanging out in the living area of the lodge, there is a nice fire in the middle for us to dry our things on and warm up next to. We are chatting to the porters a bit more and preparing for a super early rise in the morning to walk up Poon Hill to watch the sunrise.

There are also showers here which we are all making the most of.

Trekking is EPIC


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