One year ago….Day one trekking

As it is the one year anniversary of my trek it seemed like a good idea to type up all of my journal entries…….ENJOY!

Day one of the trek.

We bid farewell to all of our suitcases containing many outfits, and loaded our rucksacks, which had barely anything in them to keep us going for the long trek ahead, onto the bus. This is where we met our porters, soon to be friends 🙂

When we got off the bus there was a little window to get some snacks from, and out of fear of starvation we all caved in and squeezed some additional snacks into our bags. Then the walking commenced!……and within the first 20 minutes I consumed the snacks I had just purchased.

I was immediately glad I had bought the walking poles, we were already using them, the first days walking consisted mainly of a wide dirt track and then millions and millions of steps      MILLIONS.

Whilst awaiting my well deserved hearty lunch of noodles (delicious and trustworthy food), “Muffin” was born.

Barje created little Muffin using just a scarf, his arm and a very sinister voice….this may have been delirium setting in, due to extreme stress on our bodies and minds. OR maybe I was just about to trek with some very interesting folk 😉



Muffin spilled drinks and used bad words and most importantly kept morales high.

The trek continued, sometimes uphill…..sometimes downhill

Downhill was considered a treat. We passed the day, and distracted ourselves from our aching legs, by developing ideas to advertise Mountain Men Bars. These are some excellent fruit and nut energy bars that you can crack your teeth on. Me and Sierra would star….Mountain Man Bar in one hand…..curling a baby mountain goat with the other, demonstrating our mountain man strength.

Then it ALL KICKED OFF…One of the group (I will call him Rick….because that was his name;-)) needed to talk to Barje, and he chose to do so in a pretty rude manner. He and his wife were at the back of the group trekking, and felt like we should go slower, even though we kept waiting for them and it really wasn’t an issue. He might have just been super tired, it was a really hard day, but he didn’t deal with it in a very cool way.

As a group we all decided to push on to cover as much ground as possible and make the second day a bit easier, as it is known to be a bit of a killer otherwise. So we trudged on, and made it to  “Nice View Guest House” by dark. Here we put on all of the clothes we could possibly wear at once, because it was unbelievably cold….and the owners like to keep the doors open???!

I was thrilled I had bought my own sleeping bag because it was roasting inside. Some people had rented theirs and they looked a little bit on the thin side to say the least. WINNING

Day one over:  legs aching, Muffin created, drama occurred…alarm set for 06:30 to go at it all over again.

Trekking is great!






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