Today I’ve turned 26, and what a great day it’s been!

I woke up early and gently reminded my roomies about our important day πŸ˜‰. I had a few cards to open that had been given to me before leaving England. I also had a card that arrived at the hotel the night before from my Grandma (it was a Christmas card, but exciting all the same!). My roomies also surprised me with wonderful gifts and cards πŸ˜„


When it was time to go for breakfast I left the room to find a box of chocolates taped to balloons and a surgical face mask with “happy birthday” written on it. At breakfast they did banana pancakes for everyone, my favourite!!



With the whole day off we decided to go explore a local town, which is about 20 minutes away. We wanted to go by horse and cart so waved down the first one we saw. This happened to be probably the smallest horse around and the driver encouraged all 4 of us to hop on saying it would be no problem. The horse disagreed and reared, causing me and Lynda to nearly fall into the road. Eventually the horse slowly trotted onwards. Everyone laughed and stared as we went by their shops. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget, we agreed we would get a bigger horse back or a taxi if we could find one!

The town we went to was called Tandi and it was a mass of shops selling fake Chanel clothes and angry birds merchandise. We walked down the side streets and saw meat stalls with pigs heads and whole chickens laid in the sunshine. There were loads of material stores, with beautiful fabrics covering every wall.

We were hungry, thirsty and wanted to stop for some lunch, which is always a bit of gamble when about town here in Nepal. A sign caught our eye, “twinkle cake and cafe castle”. We went into a huge dark room, the only customers. A guy served us very slowly and mainly getting our order wrong. But the food was good (apart from some crazy spicey bread which was completely inedible). We got a taxi back to our town.


I went out for a walk looking for a ring to add to my collection. I found a lovely silver ring with a piece of clear glass in it. I like having pieces of jewellery from different places in the world.


Back at the hotel we got ready for the party. Unfortunately the guy I was sharing my Birthday with was poorly so he stayed up in his room. We all enjoyed a barbecue outside with an interesting selection of music. I got free drinks all night, which worked out well for the bar because I can’t manage a lot of alcohol. They also provided us with some hot rum punch, which gave off a lot of fumes in the steam. Everyone did great dancing, and then I was presented with a beautiful cake and flowers, whilst people sang “happy birthday Ebola”, haha!


I cut my cake and the Australians told me that it is tradition in their country that if the knife comes out dirty you have to kiss the closest guy to you! I know I’m not Australian but the pier pressure got to me and I joined in and gave Raj a peck on the cheek 😳

We continued dancing even through the rain that made a surprise visit. I had such a super day!

Being 26 is not too bad so far X


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