Bharatpur Hospital


After learning about the prevalence of TB yesterday, we decided to follow the local fashion trend and slip on a face mask for the day.


I went to a medical ward as it looked quite busy. When we got there the doctors were doing ward round with loads of nurses and nursing students following them. The doctors and nurses all speak English and write in English which is obviously so helpful for us!

Some of the conditions people on the medical ward were suffering were: rheumatic heart disease, HIV, meningitis and poisoning.

We observed the ward round, patients being admitted and a blood transfusion.

The main difference I felt was the involvement of families in patient care. They would transfer their relatives from trolleys to beds, they get medications from the pharmacy and bring it to the ward, they bring in food and supply the patient with bed linen and clothing.


Similarities were the admission which was very holistic taking into account a patient’s age, gender, religion and job. Vital signs are frequently measured and recorded, so there was a lot we could see and relate to as well.

Tomorrow I plan to see the ICU.

PS today I also saw a lizard 😊


Life is good!!! X


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