“I will have two large and four little ones please…50, 75, 5, 7, 4, 7

The target is 170

7 / 7 = 1

75 + 4 + 1 = 80

50 x 5 = 250

250 – 80 = 170″

170 also happens to be the number of days until I go to Nepal.


In The Beginning

So I have decided to start a blog, this is probably merely another form of procrastination, to avoid all of the many tasks and assignments I have. However I do think it will be a good way to keep a log of my journey, right from the start.

I am currently in my second year of Nursing and have booked myself onto a placement abroad. I will be jetting of to Nepal in my third year for a 4 week placement. When presented with the opportunity to go on an adventure or stay in my home town, I couldn’t resist!

I have committed to this adventure, and I am now also considering the stresses that will come along with the good times. Third year will be busy, I have placements, essays and of course the dreaded dissertation to contend with.

First things first though, pass second year, I have one more assignment due and another placement this year. Hopefully I will succeed in passing and then I can start to plan my journey in more detail…starting with flights!

Super Exciting Times 🙂